Photo by  Chris Leipelt  on  Unsplash

It is very easy to get into comparisons. We can compare children within a classroom setting, and within our own families. Just because your child is in a particular group at school, or their interests are different to that of their siblings, is not cause for concern. Each of your own children will be so different. Instead of comparing them to others, think about what each child is good at and what you can help them with at home.

How you can help as a parent?

• Concentrate on what your children can do rather than what they can’t do.

• Celebrate that your children are different from one another.

• Encourage your children to appreciate the different gifts and talents of siblings within a family, too.

• Praise your child when they work hard and persevere when tasks get difficult. Acknowledging their effort is so important.

• Make positive links with your children’s classroom teachers and discuss any queries and concerns with them.

• Humour works well in families, too! Even Mum and Dad have different skill sets. Laugh at yourself if you are not so good at something. This positive modelling will support your children to find humour in their own tough learning situations.