Kids learn by watching and picking up on what’s around them.

They experiment with how to do things, and will learn by trial and error, the same as we did.

The more deliberate we can be in teaching them social skills, and nurturing their capacity to connect, the more their experimentation will be safe and enriching for them.

For example, teach them that interested people are interesting people.

Showing interest forges relationships, and can lead to wonderfully unexpected things.

Invite your child’s curiosity by asking them about the new kid in class, the kids on their sports team, the one in the corner at the party.

Plant little seeds for them – 'I wonder what the new girl used to do at lunchtime at her old school.'

'I wonder what the goalie likes best about being the goalie.'

Someone who shows interest will always be more interesting than the person who demands it.

Photo by  Andrew Branch  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andrew Branch on Unsplash