Does your child have a balanced brain?


One way to promote a balanced brain is to serve a healthy mind platter - an idea developed by Dr Daniel J. Siegel and Dr Tina Payne Bryson in their book The Yes Brain Child. It’s made up of seven daily essential mental activities and they work to optimise brain matter. Thinking of them like a meal serving is a great way to remind ourselves to include a portion of each of them every day for ourselves and our kids. Here’s what’s on the platter – 
 1. Focus time – I can completely focus on a task and get absorbed in it.

2. Play time – I have time to play and be creative.

3. Connecting time – I spend time face to face with others and I connect with nature.

4. Physical time – I move my body every day.

5. Time in – I have some quiet time when I pause to breathe, think and reflect on images and sensations.

6. Down time – I have time where there are no goals or outcomes expected – I let my mind wander or relax.

7. Sleep time – I sleep so my brain can rest and recover and learning can be consolidated.

We can help our children map out their healthy mind platter, see roughly how big each portion is and how to make some healthy adjustments. All of the portions belong – there just might be a need to check the serving size. 
Don't forget, the relationship we have with our children really does play a crucial role in how they learn. The more relaxed, free and encouraging the atmosphere is, the more likely a child is to be curious, keen to explore, to initiate, to ask questions, solve problems and trust themselves.